Monday, April 18, 2011

Technical Writing Concept: Granular Chunking

This is an excellent example of how to apply taste and clarity of purpose to technical writing:

Consider a work that is one large book, with no chunks at all. In that case, it would be impossible to sort anything, because you have just one object. With one object, the only pattern you can configure is itself. But if you have a handful of objects, you can arrange those objects into as many patterns as you want.
To use an analogy, let’s say you have a pile of rocks. If you have 1,000 small rocks, the potential number of patterns you can configure with the rocks is infinitely greater than the patterns you can configure with just a few rocks.
I wish Blogger had this sort of flexibility when it comes to templates. What they have is pretty good now, but I would really prefer to sort my blog into different chunks and let my own preferences for organizing come into play.
What I would like to do is just pull parts into groups and create a template that would give people the chance to look at the different categories I'm using as groups. There are articles here about history, technical writing, and just random blog-type observations. It would be nice to take a few aspects of each category and create a journal in one section that pertained to the category at hand. That might make one blog look like three blogs stacked on top of one another, but, at least it would be organized for the preferences of whoever stopped by to read the posts. 
I think the user should determine their preferences--color, text, size, and where things appear on the page. 
It's great to have control, but if the user were given a few simple tools of their own, I would gladly give up that control in order to allow the content to be presented to them in a more favorable light.

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