Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Someone Needs to Get Kendra Some Advil

I've never seen an episode of Dancing With the Stars, but it's probably the biggest thing on television right now. Kendra Wilkinson is one of the stars of this season and she's a hurting gator:

What's up for next week? 
We don't know yet, but we have two dances next week. Usually, we get our dance and our music today or yesterday but we haven't gotten anything yet. 
Oy. Two dances! 
I know. It's beyond crazy. Right now I am so broken. What I am feeling right now is like being a car wreck. I have whiplash. I have a shoulder out of place because it came out of the socket the other week. My ankle is a little messed up. But I can still perform. The adrenalin is what pushes me through.

Liability? Hello? Making the poor lady dance that much is going to wear her out.
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