Monday, April 25, 2011

Keep the Nuts at Bay

Westminster Abbey, site of the Royal Wedding
The Royal Wedding has brought out the worst in some people:

A forensic psychiatrist, Dr. David James, is the clinical director of FTAC and has conducted research into attacks on the Royal household.
"The royal wedding has become the focus of attention for various fixated individuals who have responded by making threats to disrupt events -- some for deluded paranoid reasons and others because they believe themselves already to be married to Prince William. Such individuals generally meet the criteria for compulsory care under the Mental Health Act," says James

How can you differentiate between someone who is difficult and fixated? Can you inadvertently infringe on the rights of someone who is just weird and poses no threat to anyone?

This is a question they cannot take very lightly in Great Britain. There is virtually no privacy anymore. Everyone and everything is fair game for being videotaped in public and the authorities have the right to pretty much detain anyone they wish to without really being held to any standard. You're not really free anywhere anymore, especially when someone famous is going to have a public event of some great stature.

There was a time when "fixated loner" meant "shy," by the way.
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