Thursday, January 27, 2011

Staatsgalerie Anfahrt (State Gallery Directions)

Staatsgalerie Anfahrt (State Gallery Directions)

This brochure, from an art gallery in Stuttgart, Germany, has a number of wonderful design features.

The map is very effective, and I prefer maps like this. The simplicity is very attractive. It quickly orients the person looking at this brochure. It gives the map, the transportation options, and it only provides what is absolutely necessary. There is no marketing hype because this is for an art gallery. If you want to use this brochure to get around Stuttgart, then welcome to the world of dual use and utility. Germany is very conscious about recycling; a handy brochure like this would serve someone who just needed to know how to get to downtown Stuttgart very well.

What I like about this is the off-center divide of the brochure. The map takes up about two thirds of the page, and then the image sits immediately to the right of the map; this is a kind of demarcation line for the page. The eye is treated to organization and space.

The text below the map is very simple and understated. It's minimalistic. There is a buffer between the two columns, and the text is aligned right and left. This is very well done. Germany has a lot of this minimalistic design, and it's not uncommon for something as simple and well done as this to be overlooked.

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