Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Don't Hate Blake Lively For Being Beautiful

Haters abound, sir:
Okay, so first Blake Lively is linked to Ryan Gosling,"practically devouring" him at the after-party to theBlue Valentine premiere. Then she somehow was reported to be in the middle of the Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds divorce. And now, today, she continues to ruin the dreams of our collective adolescence by appearing in "Page Six" flirting with Leonardo DiCaprio. Now, in all likelihood, few (if any!) of these stories actually represent real relationships or even one-night rendezvous. But that's not the point: It's the image of her with all of these hot leading men. Basically, she's checking them off one by one, putting her stink on them, out-boobing and out-blonding all of their previous girlfriends along the way. Rachel McAdams, Scarlett, and even Bar Rafaeli have now been "Blaked." Who's next? (Word to Sienna Miller: It's time to put that tail on Jude Law again...)
What's the fuss? The young lady has another half an hour of relevance. Let her tear it up.

Not to be crude, but the idea that Blake Lively could "outboob" Scarlett Johansson is ridiculous:

I know physics. We're in strange territory when I have to tell you that.

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