Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blogger FAIL

I clicked on a headline at WeSmirch and ended up looking at this:

Now, if you're going to roll over like a whiny little bitch boy and take images down just because a movie studio tells you to, admit that you're a whiny little bitch boy, and pardon my French, leave the blogging to the professionals.

Clearly, the new X-Men movie has issues. I think it could bomb, big time, and take down seven or eight different careers. James McAvoy is the only actor in this bunch who could survive a turkey.

As to making the poor little bloggers take down images, so what? If they ask me, I'll take the January Jones image down--but only after my lawyers have exhausted every avenue of approach. I might even end up getting paid--who knows? You would think that the studio would want people to see how the stars of their new movie look. If they look like the real characters, and if they look great, how can that not serve to drum up interest? That's why they put out trailers--to show people that the visuals are right and that what they are going to see is going to be special.

From what I've seen so far, the "Captain America" costume looks ridiculous and padded, like something a Chinese soldier would wear while crossing the Yalu River before being shot to pieces by a handful of Marines, circa 1950.

January Jones has admitted that she isn't in shape for her role. I'll bet she looks fabulous. But, she is not going to have the sculpted abs that her character has in the comic books. That would take months of preparation that she hasn't had. Her previous role, on Mad Men, required her to be a little "doughy" as the times would require. So there's an issue here--she's going to look wonderful, no matter what. She is a movie star, after all. But she's not going to be "fan boy exact" and that's also leading to some issues, I would imagine. (Note that they have her in a Julie Christie outfit, above, and ready for a nice stroll on the tundra. Where are the abs? Her character is supposed to have starved porn star abs.)

Anyway, don't entice people with something you're not supposed to have, and then roll over and run away when someone tells you to take it down. Push those limits. Make them work for it. Make them get lawyers. This is the Internet. Nothing is ethical or legal, as it should be.
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