Monday, November 29, 2010

She Wasn't Crazy After All

Poor dear...
Hollywood actress Mischa Barton has told how she was sectioned in a psychiatric unit after having her wisdom teeth removed.
The British star – who shot to fame as Marissa Cooper in Channel 4 series The OC – was forcibly held at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for two weeks last year.
She was kept under a 5150 ‘hold’ – the US equivalent of being sectioned under the Mental Health Act.
Sometimes, a person is too beautiful to be crazy. In the case of Mischa Barton, yes. Yes, I believe her. Stranger things have happened to a person who has had their teeth out. That's a real medical condition that can take a lot out of a person. 

I crashed a $54,000 car (1965 dollars) that Father had just bought me when I collapsed behind the wheel when the painkillers I was taking to deal with my own wisdom tooth extraction kicked in during a long drive from New Hampshire to Groton. I walked away, of course.

Well, stumbled, but still.
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Anything Made out of Wood

You could do a lot worse.

There is a series of photos at Beautiful Life that covers the wooden boxes designed by Karl Zahn. These are brilliantly shaped and feature a single pin where they connect. The boxes open and close on that pin, and this photo shows the box as it looks when open. This is the sort of thing I would buy in order to deliver another gift inside.

These are really spectacular in their simplicity. How often can you go anywhere--anywhere--and find a walrus?
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tripsdrill, Germany

A boring, but high-resolution photo of the winery above the Tripsdrill theme park.

Gluttony Pants

Isn't gluttony a sin?

Busting your buttons after stuffing yourself full of Thanksgiving goodies is a total faux pas. So how do you indulge and engorge without the post-meal awkwardness?
Chef Chris Cosentino has the answer: the Gluttony Pants, which have three buttons, allowing you to expand the pants’ waist without putting on a show.
“Everybody has that Uncle Tony who eats too much and has to unbutton his pants at the table,” said Cosentino, who designed the pants.
Cosentino, executive chef of Incanto restaurant in San Francisco, Calif., and an offal specialist, says being labeled a pig shouldn’t be offensive, as pork was his loving inspiration for designing the pants.
Chef Chris Cosentino, Food Network star and executive chef at Incanto restaurant in San Francisco, shows off his Gluttony Pants.
The buttons are even labeled “Piglet,” “Sow” and “Boar” (the same way he labels portion sizes at his restaurant), and are made of bone — “the only thing you can’t get down your throat,”  Cosentino said.
“There have been some misconceptions about the Gluttony Pants — I’m not trying to promote obesity or overeating, it’s more about fun,” he added. “It’s not always a bad thing to overindulge — I’m not saying sit down and eat a 100-ounce T-bone, but it’s OK to overdo it once in a while.”In honor of Thanksgiving, the pants’ fabric, a deep caramel color, is an homage to turkey, with the pockets lined in the burgundy color of cranberry sauce.
And what glutton’s wardrobe is complete without a large napkin to tuck into his shirt and catch the spills of his feast? The Gluttony Pants come with one featuring images showing the evolution of the foodie, from being fed as a child to gorging on truffles and wine and eventually being fed as an old man.

He's Still Just a Punk

I shouldn't be upset at the happiness of others, but still:
Ryan Seacrest and girlfriend Julianne Hough have jetted off to Paris, and the happy couple have wasted no time seeing the sights and spending quality time together. 

On Tuesday, the two, who are also in town with Seacrest's parents and his sister Meredith, lunched at Chez AndrĂ© and were spotted strolling hand-in-hand through the City of Light. Next on their itinerary? A stop by Dior's flagship boutique on Avenue Montaigne. 
As if the setting wasn't perfect enough, Hough has gushed that her beau is "really romantic,"telling Ellen DeGeneres that for her birthday he put "flowers everywhere. I was almost embarrassed." 

There's something about that fellow that bothers me. I can't put a finger on it, nor should I try. He's very lucky, however. Perhaps that is what bothers me.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mr. Leno, Your Trip to Oblivion Leaves Tomorrow

Not that I care, but, wow:
Jay Leno’s Tonight Show ratings continued to remain below those of  Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Showon a calendar week basis (2010 vs. 2009).
Leno’s Tonight Show for the week of October 25-29 averaged a 0.9 rating with adults 18-49, whileConan’s Tonight Show averaged a 1.0 adults 18-49 rating for the comparable calendar week last year (October 26-30, 2009).
Letterman’s Late Show scored a 1.0 adults 18-49 rating last week. For those who care about “winning” and “losing”, Dave beat Jay for the first time since Jay’s return to the Tonight Show.
These numbers are amazing. I had no idea--no idea--that the audience size had shrunk down to, literally, nothing for these programs. Bill O'Reilly on pay cable gets the same numbers, if not better numbers, than the Tonight Show? Why would you pay these clowns to host shows that no one is watching? Leno and Letterman, no O'Reilly.

If you had asked me to guess, I would have said that somewhere between 5 and 15 million people were watching each night. I would have been ridiculously high.

Well, not high, as in high on drugs, but high in my estimate.
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