Friday, July 30, 2010

Watercolor Work for Abbott and Gooseberry

These images show the "work in progress" for creating a handful of "shells" for Abbott and Gooseberry.
Adding some of the colors is very basic at this point. Nathan's hair is usually yellow (unless there's been a rebellious attempt at coloring it) Farmer Butt will usually always be blue and orange.

I will go back with colored pencil and fill in some details. The watercolor portion of this is a little flat, but the paint did what I wanted it to do.
The green parts worked out quite well. I kept mixing in a little more yellow. The watercolor sets that I'm using come from at least three other "tube" watercolor sets that run less than $20. This is not the cheap stuff, but it's not top of the line, either. I mix it in the dish and clean the same brush--I work too quickly, I suppose. I did all of this (save the first two images on the upper left) in less than forty-five minutes.

I will have to add peach for skin tones and touch up that wicked looking pitchfork. A little silver and turquoise here and there, maybe.

Overall, I should slow down. Chasing that bubble of watercolor paint around is good fun.

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