Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's Nice to Have all Four Characters

Belgian Sheep Dog Laekenois

Brittany Spaniel

Danish Broholmer

Red Poodle
Some variation of these four breeds will constitute the main characters of The Chasseurs. I think the Brittany Spaniel will be the lead, as evidenced by the painting that kicks off this project, and the Red Poodle will represent the oldest and most experienced of the characters. The other two characters will have their own characteristics. I like the idea of the Belgian Sheep Dog being an organizer of all things great and small and the Danish Broholmer being more apt to question everything.

I do not want the typical dynamic; all of these dogs are survivors and have great talents and abilities. To introduce a weak character would be to suggest that the weak always survive. No, the weak do not survive the conditions of the Napoleonic War.

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