Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Prince Harry Shows Us How to Live

Prince Harry playing polo in New YorkWhy, it must have been a wonderful afternoon:

Britian's Prince Harry played polo for a good cause on Sunday - but couldn't stay on his horse while doing it.

The royal took a tumble off his polo pony during the first half of the Vueve Clicquot Polo Classic on New York's Governor's Island, but quickly got back up with a smile on his face and continued the match.

The 25-year-old prince's Black Rock team lost to the Black Watch team, headed by captain Nacho Figueras, 6-5 in overtime.

"I think his horse got spooked, or something," Figueras told The Associated Press, adding, "It was a very tight match - right till the end, we didn't know who was going to win so it was very exciting to play."
Ah, the smell of grass and horses. Money abounds. A life of leisure and pleasure. And you say there are troubles amongst the peasants? Hire more men with guns to keep them out, my good man.

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