Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cut the Salt Any Way Possible

Your uncle Norman likes to preach, and I preach a mean gospel. Walk a lot. I've started a blog about walking; you should already have it bookmarked. I think people should be prodded into walking in any way possible. Walk yourself to fitness; do not eat yourself thinner. And, for Pete's sake--find a way to cut the salt out of your diet:

Nine out of 10 Americans eat too much salt with most of them getting more than twice the recommended amount, according to a survey by U.S. government researchers.

They said an estimated 77 percent of dietary sodium comes from processed foods and restaurant foods.

"Sodium has become so pervasive in our food supply that it's difficult for the vast majority of Americans to stay within recommended limits," said Janelle Peralez Gunn, public health analyst with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who led the study of salt consumption.

"Public health professionals, together with food manufacturers, retailers and healthcare providers, must take action now to help support people's efforts to reduce their sodium consumption," Peralez Gunn said in a statement.

The study said most Americans consume 3,466 milligrams of sodium a day, more than twice the recommended limit. Much of the excess sodium comes from foods like pizza, cookies and meats, it said.

Want to know what will really change your outlook?

Leave the United States. Briefly. Or, do what I'm doing and hide out overseas until the Census workers stop trying to find me. Get out and see the world. See how the people in wherever the heck do things. Eat the food. Drink the water. Live among them. Explore, walk, and eat better. It will do wonders for you. I love America. But the food will kill you. In April, I had a conniption when some fool said that people should be free to receive their poison through the over-salted food they are served.What a false belief in liberty. No one has the right to poison you, sir. It will bloat you and kill you as sure as I'm sitting here feeling ten times better than I did a year ago.

Where I am living right now, there are dozens of walking paths and trails going in all directions for miles on end. The food is fabulous. The food will make you cry it's so good. Why, two weeks ago I had a cut of pork covered in a white cream sauce with portobello mushrooms. It was shake-the-table and holler at the ceiling good. Eat the bread overseas. Go and pull an onion up out of the ground and crunch on it with your teeth and taste the onion and little bit of the dirt. Oh, don't be scared.

It will revive you.

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