Friday, January 29, 2010

Enough With the Jessica Simpson Bashing

Jessica Simpson

Okay, okay--the poor young lady tooted:

A source tells Us Weekly that Jessica Simpson had a, ahem, windy moment during a business meeting for her denim line in late January. "While one of the executives was speaking in a room full of five people, Jessica let out a very loud fart," says the insider.

"Her mother [Tina Simpson] was there, and it prompted her to turn around and yell, 'Jessica!' The tension was extreme. No one knew what to say."

It wasn't Simpson's first brush with public flatulence: She famously cut loose on an episode of Newlyweds, telling then-husband Nick Lachey, "You love my stinky ass," and professed her fondness for between-the-sheets poots (a.k.a. Dutch ovens) to a radio station in 2008.

There's way too much information packed into that little piece, but all I can say is this--everyone passes wind. The only way it becomes a story is when someone wants to take a shot at someone for being bloated and uncouth. And this poor young lady deserves better.

Dutch ovens?

Well, perhaps she has this one coming to her. After this? We can give her a pass.

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