Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The NHL Winter Classic Looks Like a Winner

Fenway Park

I love the NHL Winter Classic. If we lived near where we could go see this perennial fan favorite, we would go see them play outdoors.

This year, they’re playing at Fenway Park, and, as many of my longtime readers know, I am banned for life from Fenway Park. I’m a bit of a pest when it comes to baseball games. I feel that I need to help manage, and I like to sit on the third base line and confuse the third base coach. This inevitably leads to hard feelings, especially when I hurt the home team.

After setting up the rink, the old timers from the Boston Bruins took the ice:

Terry O’Reilly and Cam Neely

Look at Bobby Orr. What a classy gentleman.

Bobby Orr

Bobby Orr

Can’t wait to see it.

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