Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mr. Angelina Jolie Goes to Dave & Busters

Brad Pitt at Dave and Busters

I heartily endorse a trip out and about:

It's a boys' day out for Brad Pitt and sons Maddox and Pax!

The star, 46, and his younger brother Doug took the two boys to Dave & Buster's in New York City's Times Square Wednesday afternoon, confirms. (Pitt took Maddox to the same Dave & Busters back in September.)

While at the arcade restaurant, Pitt helped Pax, 6, with the controls on "The Big One," an oversized crane used to grab stuffed animals. After several attempts, they won a giant stuffed animal.

The group -- surrounded by four security guards -- then moved on to war game "Razing Storm." Pax and Maddox, 8, took hold of the life-size guns and shot at the arcade screen for a few minutes before moving on.

While the bearded Pitt watched them play, an eyewitness tells Us he handed out extra Dave & Buster's game cards to a few children. One boy jumped up and down in excitement when the star gave him the card and patted him on the back, the source says.

When a crowd began gathering, Pitt, Doug and the kids got in an elevator to leave. As the doors closed, one onlooker yelled out, "I love Jennifer Aniston!"

Although Pitt didn't look amused, his brother Doug laughed out loud, an eyewitness says.

Why would you bring up poor Jennifer Aniston when the man is out with his kids? Having weird facial hair must be the fashion now. That's not really a beard on him--that's a Fu Manchu out of control, with a little Trotsky thrown in. I want to call it a modified Van Dyke, but I'll just get into trouble with the Facial Hair police if I do.

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