Thursday, December 31, 2009

Let the Poor Man Have Some Dignity

Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis

Speaking of paparazzi, this is a terrible invasion of a young man's privacy:

That was quite an emergency Tracy Morganexperienced Tuesday night in SoHo. The "30 Rock" star burst into the Toys in Babeland sex shop on Mercer Street. "He looked around for a minute and then hollered across the store, 'Hey, do you have motion lotion?' They helped him pick it out. He handed them cash, and ran out of the store to a BMW X6 that was waiting on the street for him." We wonder who was in the car.

Human beings need lubricants. Emergencies arise. When are we going to have laws in this country that protect celebrities from being embarrassed in this way? Honestly, haven't we all had a similar emergency?

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