Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jon Gosselin Really Isn't Much of a Badass

John Gosselin with a small handgun

I've been a badass all of my life. Jon Gosselin? He's been a widebody slapface for a few months now:

Causing a bit of a commotion, Jon Gosselin was spotted out earlier today (December 16) with a gun in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Bundled up for the chilly weather, the father of 8 headed out to his backyard where he fired the small handgun.

It’s a tad disturbing knowing Gosselin has possesion of a gun, especially since earlier today an arbitrator finished up with the division of the money and property he had with estranged wife, Kate.

Furthermore, Jon was recently ordered to stop making media appearances due to a breach of contract with TLC network.

He's really looking like hell now, and he's probably gorging himself on comfort food. A judge was not amused:

A Pennsylvania judge has ordered that no guns be allowed at Jon Gosselin’s home after the reality television dad was seen shooting a loaded pistol at his Berks County house.

According to MyFoxPhiladelphia, Judge Arthur Tilson issued the order Thursday after photographers snapped the former “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” star carrying the gun and then shooting it on his estate.

Gosselin has also been ordered to register the pistol at a new address within 90 days.

It was the second legal hurdle for the 32-year-old father of eight in just a few days. Earlier this week, authorities ruled he could not make any media appearances for compensation without permission from the TLC network, which aired the show that made him famous.

I have done a non-scientific study of this situation. I don't think what he did was all that bad:

The Gosselin Home, Berks County, PA (date of satellite photo unknown)

Without knowing what direction Mr. Gosselin was shooting, I would say that what he was doing wasn't smart, but it wasn't extremely dangerous. He appears to be shooting some sort of handgun, perhaps a 9mm handgun. Fair enough. If you look at the map, the Gosselin home is fairly isolated. I estimate there is at least a quarter of a mile between them and their closest neighbors. The scale really is important; alas, I couldn't get a good determination of distances. Suffice it to say, if Gosselin had been firing a hunting rifle, he'd be in serious jeopardy of hitting a residence or dwelling, however. Given that this satellite photo may be several years old, there could be other homes very close to theirs.

Now that the Gosselins are divorced, it's anyone's guess as to what happens next. Interest in the couple has certainly waned. The backlash may last for a long, long time.

*Widebody Slapface

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