Sunday, December 27, 2009

Charlie Sheen Does it Again

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

This is just sad:

Charlie Sheen spent the better part of Christmas Day in a Colorado jail cell after being arrested on domestic violence allegations.

The 44-year-old actor was taken into custody Friday morning by officers responding to a 911 call from a house in this ski resort town about 200 miles west of Denver.

An ambulance went to the house, but the accuser was not taken to the hospital.

This young man has already had a tough time of it, and now this. Radar says this:

It's over between Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller after less than two years of marriage, has learned exclusively.

Sheen's arrest on felony domestic violence charges followed a night of arguing after a quiet trial separation of the couple, sources tell exclusively.

Mueller has now decided that she will file divorce papers in the very near future, we've learned exclusively.

After the Christmas morning incident, where Mueller told sources Charlie tried to choke her, the actor's representatives quickly moved into damage control mode. Sources close to Mueller told that Team Sheen pressured her to recant and even suggested the exact words she should use!

Late on Christmas day Mueller did recant her version of the violence -- after contact with Charlie's reps.

Mueller wants out of the marriage and has a prenuptial agreement. Sources told that money was discussed in connection with not further damaging Sheen's already tattered reputation.

Artistically, Sheen's reputation is not tattered. He still has a wildly successful show on CBS. Now, if we go by bankability, Sheen is fine. If we go by stability, no, spending Christmas Day in jail is a stroll down white trash lane, and people do tend to shy away from a man who can't resist beating on his wife.

E! News has exclusively confirmed that a weapon "of some sort" was involved in the domestic violence dispute the actor was hauled off to jail for on Friday.

The 44-year-old Two and a Half Men star was arrested yesterday morning in Aspen, Colo., and released that night after posting an $8,500 bond. 

Aspen Police Department spokeswoman Stephanie Dasaro tells E! News the felony menacing charge Sheen is facing would not go into further detail—for the record, they aren't naming the victim, either—other than to say the count does involve "a weapon of some sort."

Aspen Chief Deputy D.A. Arnold Mordkin says he has spoken to Sheen since the incident. He "seemed upset, but was cooperative and pleasant," he said. 

While Sheen is not required to remain in Aspen at this time, he will need to return for his court appearance on February 8th, when Mordkin plans to formally file charges. 

It just does not sound good, does it? Well, in any event, Denise Richards must be having a particularly interesting Christmas holiday.

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