Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bethenny Frankel Can Wear Whatever She Wants

Bethenny Frankel

This is a little undue criticism for a lovely lady:

Bethenny Frankel
is no shrinking violet. The pregnant Real Housewives of New York star posed nude for a PETA billboard that was unveiled Dec. 15 in Manhattan's Times Square. Now, she's talking back to the
housewives and other haters who have suggested that the butt-baring photo was heavily airbrushed -- and she's shared the photo evidence (the original, untouched image) exclusively with

"Everything I'm about is being honest and being upfront," Frankel, 39, tells "So if people are talking and saying [the photo] was airbrushed...then, you know what? Here's the picture. Have it your way."

The author of new cookbook The Skinnygirl Dish adds that she would "never, ever allow them to put up a billboard that was really far from the truth."

Now four months pregnant with her first child, Frankel disrobed for the shots on a Manhattan rooftop in September. Although she's never posed nude before, she says "I wasn't that freaked out about it. I don't know why. PETA has no interest in making me look sleazy. It was such an honor."

The image doesn't strike me as being reshaped. Rather, it has been smoothed out a little, to give her an even glow. That's the advertising business, though. Compare the photo of Frankel above with this one, and there really isn't that much of a difference. She's not 19 years old. Is that supposed to be the sole criteria here? Why does her age matter when criticizing how she looks? She's beautiful, and that needs to be appreciated.

Bethenny Frankel, personal appearance photo

They do that with virtually everything. It looks as if it has been balanced for color more than it has been buffed and polished.

The controversy started when one hugely over-worked lady criticized another lady:

The housewives are hating on each other again.

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has slammed pregnant Bethenny Frankel's new nude PETA ad.

"To quote Bethenny: 'I just threw up a little in my mouth,'" Giudice, 36, Twittered Tuesday.

Frankel, 39, boasted in the New York Post that she was "already pregnant" when she shot the ad and she was "pleased" with how it turned out "because it doesn't look like there's been any airbrushing."

Giudice begs to differ.

"Help me understand this," she Twittered. "Bethenny is happy with her naked pic because she was 'already pregnant' at the time. She says she's now three months along, but she did the shot in August. Even if she's four months pregnant now, she would've been, like, one hour pregnant in the pic."

Now, I don't know about you, but I think there's some jealousy at work here.

Teresa Giudice

No? Okay then.

As for being accurate, well, compare the ad above with the infamous "Ralph Lauren" ad. So, if this is the benchmark for "overdoing" it with Photoshop, does that mean they overdid it with Frankel?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

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