Sunday, July 26, 2009

India and the Dream of a Blue Water Navy

Don't look now, but someone's trying to build a blue water navy:

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh launched the country's first locally built nuclear-powered submarine on Sunday.

"Today, we join a select group of five nations who possess the capability to build a nuclear-powered submarine," Singh declared in his speech at the eastern naval base of Visakhapatnam.

Although he billed the submarine as an outcome of a public-private partnership, the Indian leader did mention Russia in his address.

"I would also like to express our appreciation to our Russian friends for their consistent and invaluable cooperation, which symbolizes the close strategic partnership that we enjoy with Russia," Singh remarked.

I would be concerned, but, really, one submarine amounts to very little. That it didn't sink is a blessing. Simply having something does not mean you can project it around the world.

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