Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another Reason I Won't Do Facebook

Even though I don't have a crazy wife, I'm afraid that all of the hotties would "friend" me and put me in their buddy list thingamabob and cause her to lose her mind. Sort of like what happened here:

Atlanta Falcons offensive lineman Quinn Ojinnaka is free on bond after being accused of fighting with his wife over his Facebook activity, police said Friday.

Ojinnaka, a fourth-year reserve drafted out of Syracuse in the fifth round of 2006, was charged with simple battery, said police spokesman David Schiralli in suburban Gwinnett County.

Police said Ojinnaka's wife confronted him about contact with a female friend on Facebook. Police said he tossed her down some stairs and threw her out of their house in Suwanee late Tuesday.

Ojinnaka, who has started seven of 30 career games, told police his wife began the fight by attempting to stab him with a pen.

Falcons spokesman Reggie Roberts said Friday that coach Mike Smith had talked with Ojinnaka, but the team would have no further comment.

The NFL seems to have a problem with these kinds of things, but then again, society seems to have a problem with these kinds of things. There's no reason why this should end someone's career. Wait a minute--yes, yes it probably should be a warning sign that a career could come to an end. There's no reason why you should throw a spouse down a flight of stairs over a Facebook post. That's something that should maybe cause this young man to sit out for a year.

My dear readers, Facebook is evil. It is corrupt and full of predatory pedophiles. Or is that MySpace? I can't tell the difference.

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