High and Mighty Hypocrites

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Reporter Dan Eggen has a great piece out today about the efforts behind the scenes to prop up the nearly-obliterated reputation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. It certainly appears to me that Kavanaugh felt it was beneath him to give the people trying to help him some sense of what was in store for them when they were going to have to go to bat for him in this process. By refusing to tell them straight what it was that could sink his nomination, he effectively cut them off at the knees. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these people leak damaging information in retaliation if Kavanaugh fails to be confirmed. They are going to want to destroy him in order to show others that they need to play ball.


What strikes me about all of this is that no Democrat anywhere would ever be allowed to refuse to talk about their private life. We’re seeing this in Texas right now. Beto O’Rourke is having ads run against him because of a drunk driving incident in the last century. What you did in the Nineties and Eighties isn’t going to go away, man. And, with regards to Kavanaugh, it doesn’t matter if he was in high school. The Republicans love it when a juvenile is tried as an adult for their crimes; they love to see young African-American men blown away or sent to prison for seventeen life sentences. It’s this curious embrace of the rule of law that has them all hot and bothered to establish Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court where he can cover their Law and Order loving flanks.

There’s no way any Democrat would be allowed to proceed to a vote based on what we already know about Kavanaugh. Grassley, Hatch and McConnell would have burned down the Senate and thrown the desks into a pile by now. We all know this. We know they are just fucking hypocrites, through and through. They only care about getting a win that causes pain to others. If Kavanaugh had been Bill Clinton’s Staff Secretary, you’d already have every piece of paper he ever touched in a searchable database, ready for the perusal of a few thousand wannabe sleuths.

My guess is that they’re going to hang him for not telling them what they needed to know. He should have been more candid about his private life. If they go to war for him, they’re going to be hoisted on their own petard if someone somewhere has a critical piece of evidence that makes Kavanaugh look like a rapey, flaming douchebag.

That Look on Your Face Says it All

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Ted Cruz laughs while Beto O’Rourke points out that Cruz has visited all 99 counties in Iowa and missed half of the roll call votes in the U. S. Senate in 2016 when he was running for president.

That look on Cruz’s face says it all. He showed up thinking that his superior debating skills would bury Beto. Instead, he has had his ass handed back to him in a wet plastic bag full of shame and degradation.

Follow the link and watch the video. This is how you debate a Republican in the age of Trump.

Did Brett Kavanaugh Lie to the FBI?


Brett Kavanaugh really doesn’t want to have to sit down with the FBI and talk about the accusations against him:

[Senator Charles] Grassley continued Wednesday to resist calls by Democrats and [Dr. Christine Blasey] Ford for an FBI investigation into the claims against Kavanaugh. 

"We are doing everything that we can to make Dr. Ford comfortable to coming before the committee in an open session or a closed session, or a public or a private interview," the Iowa Republican told reporters on Capitol Hill Wednesday. "That's four different ways she can choose to come. So, I'm not worried about anything other than just focusing for the next few days on encouraging her to come."

They want to sweep this under the rug and make it a simple case of 'he-said, she-said’ before all of this is over. I believe that this is because the FBI has already asked Kavanaugh a slew of questions about his behavior, his use of alcohol and drugs, and whether there is anything in his background that would cause someone to question his ethics or judgement. They have likely asked these questions of Kavanaugh several times, since this is standard for how the FBI does background checks into Federal officials who are being appointed as judges or Supreme Court Justices.

So, at least twice now, Kavanaugh has given sworn statements to the FBI. What’s the chance that he was forthcoming and honest, given the fact that he’s had a history of not telling the truth?

If you think about it this way, the people shepherding Kavanaugh through this process already know that there are women who are going to come forward and make these accusations. They know that, when Kavanaugh was up for the Federal bench during the Bush years, he lied about those incidents and he lied about how he behaved in college. He lied because he believed there were enough people to help create a firewall between him and the truth. He lied because he’s a privileged frat boy who can’t help but stumble drunkenly and recklessly through life. Someone else will clean it up; someone else will pay off his debts and he’ll get a free ride for the rest of his life because he went to the right schools and served the right masters.

What these people backing him knew, going into the confirmation hearings, was that he had to be protected from having to talk to the FBI again. And why is that?

They probably suspect, and I strongly suspect, that there are people who have damning evidence of Kavanaugh’s behavior in high school and college. Pictures, testimony, statements made at the time, diary entries, and things of that nature. Impossible to refute stuff. They know this is out there, and if he goes in front of the FBI and lies again, this evidence will drop like a ton of bricks.

Oh, and Kavanaugh will go to prison for lying to the FBI.

That’s why Grassley won’t let the FBI investigate this, as per usual. They know this nomination is toxic and they’re about to put a severely compromised individual who has no business being a Supreme Court Justice through a confirmation process that is completely and utterly illegitimate.

This is a sham, and it’s an outrage, and it will lead to these same senators having to vote to impeach and remove Kavanaugh from the bench after a lengthy, drawn-out process none of us should have to live through.

They know it, and they’re too fucking weak and cowardly to admit it.

Goddamn these people. Goddamn all of them.