The Apostasy of Max Boot


Look, modern conservative thought is a scam. It has always been the expression of Cleek’s Law, which is “today’s conservativism is the opposite of what liberals want today, updated daily.” There has never been a core set of beliefs that couldn’t be jettisoned (read my lips, no new taxes, we will not trade arms for hostages) nor has there ever been any ideology beyond rewarding the rich by making them richer (tax cuts will pay for themselves, the deficit only matters when Democrats are in office).

To sit here and plead that Max Boot, who was a bloodthirsty advocate of the Iraq War when it was popular to be one and long after, should be rewarded for opposing today’s conservative movement is asinine and rooted in a description of American history that no sane person would recognize as honest or truthful:

Even many anti-Trump conservatives cling tightly to this mythical history. It is the foundation of a much weaker book of the same form by Charlie Sykes. A conservative talk-show host, Sykes turned against Trump, and spends his book grappling inconclusively about how the great movement of Buckley and Goldwater took a sharp and inexplicable turn into Trumpism.

Boot acknowledges that he, too, subscribed to this myth. But revisiting that past, he discovers something very familiar. Conservatism trafficked all along in anti-intellectualism, bigotry, ideological radicalism, and loopy conspiracy theories. The conservative movement was a revolt against the moderation of mainstream Republicans like Dwight Eisenhower while fiercely defending the vicious lies of Joe McCarthy. Buckley renounced the president of the John Birch Society while continuing to endorse the organization itself, which was a large and powerful constituency. While most mainstream Republicans at the time supported civil rights, conservatives opposed those mainstream leaders for that very reason. Conservatives understood very clearly at the time that their project of turning the Republican Party into a vehicle for conservatism required prying millions of white segregationists from the Democratic Party.

Just as there are no moderate Rockefeller Republicans anymore, there are no conservatives who believe in treating people fairly in order to make a better society. They simply don’t believe it, and they want to find a way to intellectually wall themselves off from having to say that they are superior to people who don’t have the same amount of pigmentation in their skin.

If there was an honest conservative movement, Jeb Bush would be president right now and his Vice President would be Marco Rubio and they would be merrily marching their way through limited tax cuts, barely competent governance, and a scheme to get re-elected that would involve tricking people into thinking everything was fine. The marketing plan would be a lot slicker than the pro-Nazi evils of Trumpism, which lives in the gutter and walks through the trailer park with a 100 dollar bill before breakfast every day.

No, Trumpism is exactly what conservatives want. They want their ‘fuck you’ to the liberals and they want their white victimhood and they damned sure don’t want to have to think about why it’s a good thing to lower the capital gains tax. They just want to own the Goddamned libs and hear the lamentations of women, children, and the disabled.

Max Boot, who was and is the very definition of a chickenhawk, doesn’t believe in the GOP or Trump or conservativism anymore? Fuck him, he was always wrong about everything anyway. Why should any care if he has seen the error of his ways? He used the power and advantages of his position to advance the evil that landed in our laps. We’ll clean up the mess.

He can go fap himself in front of the memorials we will need to build for the wars he advocated but wouldn’t fight in.

Who Are These Monsters?


We really need to hear this tape.

We need to hear it because it shouldn’t exist in a normal world.

We need to hear it so that we can hold someone accountable. Shying away from it is wrong. Trump is actively running a con on the American people, pretending to be president while the world burns down around him.

So, Republican condemnations are not enough. They actually have to do something about this, and, as we all know, they won’t:

After entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on Oct. 2, Washington Postcontributor Jamal Khashoggi was accosted by hit men who severed his fingers and decapitated and dismembered him, according to audio of the alleged murder released by Turkish state media Wednesday and cited by The New York Times. The recordings, reportedly obtained by Turkish intelligence and leaked to state media, allegedly show that soon after Khashoggi was brought to the office of the Saudi consul, 15 agents beat and tortured him before slicing off his fingers. When the consul asked the agents to finish the murder outside to avoid incriminating him, an agent allegedly responded: “If you want to live when you come back to Arabia, shut up.” 

After Khashoggi was killed, the Times notes, a forensics doctor was then allegedly brought in to help with the dismemberment—and he, according to the recordings, told the men to listen to music to muffle the sounds of the bone saw. Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, Saudi Arabia has repeatedly deniedinvolvement in Khashoggi’s death. After news of the audio reached President Trump, the Associated Press reported on Twitter, he asked Turkey to send him the recording—but defaulted to his support of the Saudi government by adding “if it exists.”

Our government is run by monsters. The Crown Prince who runs Saudi Arabia is cut from the same cloth. They are all worried about shuffling billions of dollars around the planet so they can trade cash for weapons and oil in some sort of sickening frenzy before Democrats can step in and stop this shit.

And, mark my words, if Democrats do nothing, we’ll be after them, too.

Dana Milbank is a Huge Part of the Problem

Dana Milbank.jpg

In the 2016 election, columnists and reporters like Dana Milbank wrote endlessly about how fucking horrible Hillary Clinton was and that’s why, in no small part, we ended up with Trump.

Here, Milbank uses his real estate on The Washington Post’s website to launch a demeaning attack on Senator Elizabeth Warren that will help contribute to the media’s emerging narrative that she is a shrill, unfunny woman who makes horrible choices that men won’t like so no one should vote for her, ever:

Poor Elizabeth Warren.

She took President Trump’s bait and submitted to a DNA test to demonstrate her Native American genealogy — and, in so doing, may have doomed her presidential campaign before it began. Now the Massachusetts senator is not only enduring Trump’s “Pocahontas” insults(at least when he’s not calling another woman “Horseface”) but also being disparaged by Indian tribes.

“Senator Warren is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage,” proclaimed the Cherokee Nation, decrying her “inappropriate and wrong” use of a DNA test, a “mockery” that dishonors “legitimate” tribal citizens.

Ouch. But I can understand why the Cherokees — and indeed all people of good taste — might wish to disavow Warren: It’s the crab mayonnaise.

Among the many unfortunate results of Warren’s recent DNA test suggesting she’s somewhere between 1/64th and 1/1,024th Native American by ethnicity: It inevitably draws attention to her contribution to the ’80s cookbook, “Pow Wow Chow: A Collection of Recipes from Families of the Five Civilized Tribes.” Under “Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee,” it lists five recipes, three of which were apparently cribbed from the New York Times and Better Homes and Gardens.

Worse, one of the recipes she submitted: “Crab with Tomato Mayonnaise Dressing.” A traditional Cherokee dish with mayonnaise, a 19th-century condiment imported by settlers? A crab dish from landlocked Oklahoma? This can mean only one thing: canned crab.

Warren is unfit to lead.

Yet it is difficult not to feel sorry for Warren. Though she doesn’t claim tribal membership, she clearly wants to be embraced. And so I extend an invitation to the senator to join my tribe. Warren should become a Jew. As Trump said when asking for African American votes shortly before praising Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee: “Honor us.”

Who else would get away with exhorting someone in public life to become Jewish so they can finally have good taste in fancy food than someone completely and utterly tone deaf about how sensitive people are to attacks of a racial, religious, or gender nature? Hey, maybe leave the Borscht Belt material on the back burner for a while, dumbass. There are real, actual Nazis curb-stomping people in New York City these days, so maybe leave it alone, okay?

Did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, someone different from you is happy with who they already are?

This column is, of course, flat-footed and too clever by a half. Does any of this shit matter when we’re facing the destruction of American democracy? No, of course not. But, if you’re Dana Milbank, none of that matters because it’s more important to attack her for once putting forth a recipe featuring canned crab (oh, how our elites reveal themselves) and making a joke about how that disqualifies her from leading.

This sexist, sophomoric shit was everywhere when Hillary was running, and Milbank himself barely survived the “Mad Bitch Beer” debacle of his youth. And this is how they will bury her—they’re use that old “who would you rather have a beer with?” logic and come up with narratives like this one to demonstrate that it’s okay to vote for Trump again because, hey, at least he doesn’t eat disgusting things, right?

Senator Warren’s advocacy of American consumers, her law professor pedigree, and her ability to stand up to bullies makes her an easy target for someone like Milbank. The shortcomings of our elite press are evident every time Trump spews his puke funnel mouth in public behind the seal of the President of the United States of America. No one presents more of an existential threat to the the continued looting of the treasury and the destruction of the American Middle Class by Trump and his kleptocrats than Senator Warren. No one does more to reveal what a pant load of a useless life someone like Milbank has led as we watch our country sink into the morass of Trumpism.

And so it begins. The Hillarying of Senator Warren continues in the hands of a prominent writer who purports to write comedy for the Washington Post. Our elite media is about as useful as an open sore on a cold day.

The only thing I can conclude is that Yale really turns out some stinkers, doesn’t it?