Madam Speaker


Trump tried to distract people by attacking Nancy Pelosi, and he missed the mark, badly:

In his first two years in office, President Trump operated without a clear check on his power. With his party controlling both houses of Congress, he issued demands from his bedroom in the form of early-morning tweets, and legislative leaders got in line. He rarely was personally confronted about his untruths and misstatements. And he mostly ignored congressional Democrats, choosing to spar instead with journalists.

That all came to a crashing halt Tuesday. In an extraordinarily heated public fight with the nation’s top two Democratic leaders, the combustible president confronted for the first time the enormity of the challenge he will face over the next two years: divided government.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), the likely next speaker, and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) called out Trump’s falsehoods. They exposed him as malleable about his promised border wall. They lectured him about the legislative process and reiterated to him that he lacked the votes to secure the $5 billion he seeks for the wall.

This is a momentous day because Nancy Pelosi is, once again, the only woman to hold the position of Speaker of the House. That makes her, by elected position, the most powerful woman in our nation’s history (notwithstanding the esteemed Edith Wilson, who was, in effect, POTUS for well over a year).

It wasn’t just a beat-down delivered by Pelosi and Schumer; it was the execution of a demonstration that Trump is unfit to lead. Really, any Republican who understands governance and leadership should freely admit that Trump tried to stage-manage a confrontation and ended up looking like he should have been placed under the care of a physician so that his mental health could be evaluated.

Trump’s cognitive decline brings into sharp focus the fact that he needs to be looked at. Really, that wasn’t the performance of a toddler today. It was a cry for help from a deranged individual who commands neither facts nor respect.

Never Let Them Forget What They Did to America


The self-serving aspect of this revelation makes me want to barf:

Republicans on Capitol Hill are also growing anxious.

“And there is some understanding, I think, inside the White House of just how dark it may be getting, especially in terms of conversations — private conversations — that people there are having with Republicans on the Hill who are starting to be concerned,” Stokols reported.

“Republican lawmakers who are — have a huge role to play in this if it goes forward — are starting to tell me privately, some of them, that, you know, if there’s obvious evidence, the bottom is going to fall out,” he explained.

“They’re not going to be able to stand by this White House and that’s a looming problem for the president,” he concluded.

Trump may even face a greater threat from the Southern District of New York investigations.

“It’s much harder to stop what’s happening in that office as opposed to with the special counsel’s investigation,” Stokols noted. “This train has left the station, there’s really nothing that this White House can do about it.”

Republicans are not “all of a sudden” deciding to abandon Trump. They’re waiting for the green light to do so. They have no loyalty to him—they only have their fear of Trump’s rabid-dog base. They are laying the groundwork for the media to give them a pass on the last two years of insanity and lawlessness.

At any time, three or four Republican Senators could have stopped the president’s agenda. They failed, repeatedly, to do what was right. You have McCain and his symbolic no vote to save Obamacare, and you have Lisa Murkowski deciding not to be horrible. The rest have knuckled under to a man who endears no love and who acts transactionally in all matters. Once Trump has nothing they want, the GOP will abandon him, and the media will pretend it is because they love America.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

A Smooth Running Machine

Shit Show.jpg

The guy that Trump wanted to take over as White House Chief of Staff has bailed and is going to get out of town ahead of the horrific shit show that is sure to follow.

Wasn’t it Trump who claimed everything was a “smooth running machine” just a few months ago?

We are about to enter two years of unmatched instability and political infighting. Everything promises to grind to a halt. Our government is loosely divided now and the only thing that stands between us and oblivion are a handful of Democrats who know how to fill out the forms in order to subpoena someone. Anyone who says they know what’s going to happen next is lying and anyone who refuses to stick around and watch gets a pass.

What the hell is in store for us? I have no idea.