Reagan Would Have Endorsed Trump

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I'm sorry but Patti Davis is still nuts.

Her late father, Ronald Reagan, was not shy about catering to racists and would not have stood up to Trump. He was a 'go along to get along' establishment Republican who would have been regarded as a traitor because he raised taxes.

What people forget is that Reagan was fond of blowing a certain racist dog whistle as often as possible:

 On the stump, Reagan repeatedly invoked a story of a “Chicago welfare queen” with “eighty names, thirty addresses, [and] twelve Social Security cards [who] is collecting veteran’s benefits on four non-existing deceased husbands. She’s got Medicaid, getting food stamps, and she is collecting welfare under each of her names. Her tax-free cash income is over $150,000.” Often, Reagan placed his mythical welfare queen behind the wheel of a Cadillac, tooling around in flashy splendor. Beyond propagating the stereotypical image of a lazy, larcenous black woman ripping off society’s generosity without remorse, Reagan also implied another stereotype, this one about whites: they were the workers, the tax payers, the persons playing by the rules and struggling to make ends meet while brazen minorities partied with their hard-earned tax dollars. More directly placing the white voter in the story, Reagan frequently elicited supportive outrage by criticizing the food stamp program as helping “some young fellow ahead of you to buy a T-bone steak” while “you were waiting in line to buy hamburger.” This was the toned-down version. When he first field-tested the message in the South, that “young fellow” was more particularly described as a “strapping young buck.” The epithet “buck” has long been used to conjure the threatening image of a physically powerful black man often one who defies white authority and who lusts for white women. When Reagan used the term “strapping young buck,” his whistle shifted dangerously toward the fully audible range. “Some young fellow” was less overtly racist and so carried less risk of censure, and worked just as well to provoke a sense of white victimization.

Voters heard Reagan’s dog whistle. In 1980, “Reagan’s racially coded rhetoric and strategy proved extraordinarily effective, as 22 percent of all Democrats defected from the party to vote for Reagan.” Illustrating the power of race in the campaign, “the defection rate shot up to 34 percent among those Democrats who believed civil rights leaders were pushing too fast.” Among those who felt “the government should not make any special effort to help [blacks] because they should help themselves,” 71 percent voted for Reagan.

As for Trump, well, what a shock that he would appeal to these voters 36 years later and walk away with the GOP nomination in a cake walk. Would Reagan have been appalled? Sure, just like every other establishment figure has been appalled but silent. Reagan would have feared Trump's base, which consists of Nazis and flying monkeys and every kind of inside trading kleptomaniac you can name.

That fear would have driven him to literally adopt Trump as the son he never had. Hell, the Reagan-era people who are still alive must be marveling at how Trump and a handful of incompetent boobs have been able to strip the government clean and walk off with enough cash to pay for twenty years of attorney's fees.

What people forget is that Lee Atwater rose to prominence under Reagan and was basically a cleaner and more polite version of Steve Bannon and Roger Stone. Atwater knew that he had unleashed the very popular and somewhat genteel version of white supremacy that paved the way for the voters who embraced Trump. His deathbed tears were enough proof that at least one Republican had a soul. Too bad about the rest of them.

Paul Manafort worked for Reagan. It's not a stretch to suggest that Reagan would have readily endorsed Trump because of smaller government and tax cuts. He would not have cared that the national discourse has been burned to the ground and that some liberals are upset. None of them care about the foundational myths of America. They want white people in charge, they want conservative fiscal policies that blow the deficit sky high, and they know that the next president, a Democrat, will have to fix everything they've broken. The pattern continues.

The Department of Justice is Being Torn to Pieces


Every time I read one of these stories, it just seems that our elites are woefully unprepared to do anything to preserve, protect and defend this country from Trump:

One morning earlier this week during executive time, President Trump tweeted out his assessment of the Russia investigation. “The Rigged Russian Witch Hunt goes on and on as the ‘originators and founders’ of this scam continue to be fired and demoted for their corrupt and illegal activity,” he raged. “All credibility is gone from this terrible Hoax, and much more will be lost as it proceeds. No Collusion!”

Amid this torrent of lies, the president had identified one important truth. There has in fact been a series of firings and demotions of law-enforcement officials. The casualties include FBI director James Comey, deputy director Andrew McCabe, general counsel James Baker, and, most recently, agent Peter Strzok. Robert Mueller is probing the circumstances surrounding Trump’s firing of Comey for a possible obstruction-of-justice charge. But for Trump, obstruction of justice is not so much a discrete act as a way of life.

The slowly unfolding purge, one of the most vivid expressions of Trump’s governing ethos, has served several purposes for the president. First, it has removed from direct authority a number of figures Trump suspects would fail to provide him the personal loyalty he demanded from Comey and expects from all officials in the federal government. Second, it supplies evidence for Trump’s claim that he is being hounded by trumped-up charges — just look at all the crooked officials who have been fired! Third, it intimidates remaining officials with the threat of firing and public humiliation if they take any actions contrary to Trump’s interests. Simply carrying out the law now requires a measure of personal bravery.

Trump has driven home this last factor through a series of taunts directed at his vanquished foes. After McCabe enraged Trump by approving a flight home for Comey after his firing last May, the president told him to ask his wife (who had run for state legislature, unsuccessfully) how it felt to be a loser. This March, Trump fired McCabe and has since tweeted that Comey and McCabe are “clowns and losers.” The delight Trump takes in tormenting his victims, frequently calling attention to Strzok’s extramarital affair — as if Trump actually cared about fidelity! — underscores his determination to strip his targets of their dignity.

I would be happy to argue that, if President Obama had publicly called out a top official at the Justice Department over an investigation or a matter of accountability, the entire Republican Party would have burned down the government in fifteen minutes. There is no comparing what was done in previous times to today; yes, we've had periods of corruption and instability (Warren Harding, Ulysses Grant, Franklin Pierce), but the destruction of all norms and respectability has spiraled out of control.

Trump is actively destroying everything he can get his hands on, and, until there's a reckoning at the ballot box, this will continue unchecked. Chait is exactly right to suggest that this is a purge, and it is one that a dictator or despot would barely recognize. After all, Trump is leaving his enemies alive. Your garden variety Augusto Pinochet or Saddam Hussein would call that a rookie mistake.

Our history is so full of times when executive power was checked and held back. There were always boundaries of decorum. If you had Harry Truman writing a profane, abusive letter to a critic, the backlash to this behavior was swift. Truman did not get away with saying what he said because there were voices ready to speak up. He did not have anyone driven out of their jobs, he did not get away with anything. He was made to suffer the embarrassment.

There were always those willing to use J. Edgar Hoover to their advantage. Hoover was the original center of power in the Justice Department. He could blackmail or rein in anyone he liked. We have never fully reconciled how devious his methods were and the crimes he committed going after figures like Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy. But even Hoover knew that he had to be careful about who he smeared and where he wore his dresses. He survived because he understood the power that he could wield in ways Trump could never comprehend.

This is because Trump is a walking, talking obstruction of justice, writ large. A small part of me believes that there is an agreement between everyone on both sides--let Trump destroy himself and then we'll clean up the mess and be rid of him and his rabid supporters. I would have thought that we would have reached this point well over a goddamned year ago, but still.

Stop Normalizing Horrible People

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The Washington Post is out with a big story about Kellyanne and George Conway, and it is how people who engage in terrible behavior in the public sphere end up being normalized and accepted. This story is written for a select few who are concerned that, when the Trump Regime is driven from power, it might be impossible for Kellyanne to make a living. You can see that in the language that people use when discussing current Trump supporters and former associates. They are to be shunned, you see, and someone wants to trade a little access for the favor of letting the Conways continue to work their schemes and collect their fees.

Few Americans really know these people or care about them, but they are leftovers from the 1990s and the demonization of the Clintons. They are liars and grifters, and it doesn't matter if one of them supports Trump and one of them doesn't--flip their loyalties around, and they'll just find a way to sell themselves to someone else and make a living.

These articles are garbage, but they feed a machine that the Washington Post needs. Trade a little access, normalize some vicious scum, and watch how CNN finds a way to give Kellyanne a job in three years time, commenting on Democrats and whomever else.

This is a garbage article, filled with just enough to keep the Beltway crowd interested. Our political systems and the institutions that our elites are supposed to protect are a complete and utter shit sandwich and these people want to play games with people's lives. What a horror show.