Saturday, April 17, 2021

Relentless Bullshit From an Incompetent Bunch of Idiots


The absolute worst coverage of the Biden Presidency is actually coming from Politico these days. To be fair, most of the coverage is of low quality and ignores Republican obstructionism, lawlessness, and conveniently forgets the abject cruelty and incompetence of the last president.

Here, a roundup of reactions from people who should know better attempts to make President Biden seem as bad and as out of touch with "regular" Americans as former California Governor Jerry Brown.

Brown inherited a massive fiscal problem, environmental disasters, and a state undergoing rapid social, economic, and cultural challenges. Not only did he get re-elected, he left office after doing a better than average job of addressing the problems. You'll note that he did not create a cult of personality, end democracy in California, jail his enemies, and avoid making hard decisions.

So, I'm not sure why Politico thinks comparing President Biden to Governor Brown is a bad thing. In their world, of course it's an awful, sick burn. But what they fail to grasp is that, when everything goes wrong, you want a Democrat in office instead of a Republican. You want leadership that at least has a grasp on real problems. If you look at what has happened in California during COVID-19, there's no way to conclude that Gavin Newsom has done everything the right way. But, if you compare him to Abbott in Texas, Kemp in Georgia, and DeSantis in Florida, there's no way you'd pick any of them over any Democratic governor in the country. 

Nothing in this country is ever solved instantly and that's why political hacks don't understand how to govern and lead complex governments. They don't understand that making structural reforms, setting an agenda that provides guidance to state or Federal agencies, and making difficult budget choices is what Democrats routinely do in a far better manner than their GOP counterparts. 

And I really don't think people get this point--there is no cult of personality around President Biden. When he screws up, his only effective critics are fellow Democrats. Yes, I want him to raise the cap on refugees, stand up to our foreign adversaries, pull our troops out of Afghanistan, and punish everyone who stormed the Capitol on January 6. I want him to pack the courts, raise the minimum wage, and do whatever it takes to deliver COVID-19 relief to people in this country and around the world. I am sorely disappointed when he doesn't do what I think is the right thing. But he is a million times better than Trump or anyone Republican. There's no comparison to what we just went through as a country.

Maybe I'm still feeling traumatized, but, up until the moment Joe took office, I was pretty concerned for our future. Now, I can see the long game and the slow approach rooted in common sense and following the law that President Biden has chosen and I am learning to be patient. And grateful, too. But I am not blind to the fact that there are still far too many people in this country who are inventing bullshit out of thin air in order to cause our country to fail.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Why Isn't This Man Crazy?


Senator John Cornyn is upset that President Joe Biden is a stable, functioning adult:

For some people, this historic defeat of American fascism last November left them with a bad taste in their mouth. They missed the insanity of the previous four years when a reasonable person entered the White House. They don't know what to make of it because they had gotten used to being held hostage by a lumpy, drug-added, pants-shitting rageball with man boobs who couldn't stop making everything about himself.

I'm of the opinion that Cornyn just doesn't know how to function in American politics anymore. He should be actively stoking the flames of resentment and working to ensure that American fascism stages a mighty comeback so that he can step on the faces of all those oppose his bloodlust for money and power. He should be working to make THE DEFICIT the biggest issue EVER. He should be lining up his fellow Republicans to stake positions on the issues that are wildly irresponsible and completely out of the mainstream. Instead, he's just writing fan fiction that got old halfway through 2017.

Hell, if you're the Senator from Texas, your meal ticket is big oil and defense spending. Cornyn should be milking that for all its worth and, instead, he's heavily inserted into the ass-end of Russian grievance politics. 

Your garden variety Republican can't do politics anymore. They've grown accustomed to the Gerrymandering that guarantees them an income they could never win if they had to compete in the private sector for a real job. A full ninety-five percent of the Republicans who hold office at the Federal level are unemployable. Many couldn't even bluff their way into a part-time job sucking coins out of a condom vending machine. They just can't handle anything that doesn't involve appearing on camera with pre-printed bullet points at hand. In any sort of normal democracy, they wouldn't have jobs at all. They'd be fighting over the scraps at the county level, unable to convince an extra 12 people to let them be on the local advisory board for well water regulation and drainage ditch abatement.

Our media complex expects every Democrat to be perfect and laughs when they aren't. They expect every Republican will smack them in the mouth if they ask a tough question about competency or decency so they flatter and smirk instead. There is no shame anymore, and when you're as stupid as Cornyn, that's a good thing. It used to be that shame would be enough to force an early retirement. Instead, it's a lack of shame that allows you to weasel your way on TV again and again.

God help us, but the only thing they can complain about when it comes to President Biden is that he's good at his job and doesn't do stupid shit. This is driving all of them batshit crazy.