Elizabeth Warren Fought Back Today


My initial reaction to this was all wrong.

At first, I thought it was a mistake for Senator Elizabeth Warren to take a DNA test and release the results, pointedly telling Trump and his surrogates to stop using racist criticisms of her American heritage. After all, it’s not just Native-American heritage—it is wholly American to have a whole mix of nationalities and backgrounds. This is still America and you can be proud of who you are without having to bend the knee before a fool like Trump.

I thought, why play into his ridiculously small hands?

I was wrong.

Today, Warren did what everyone should do, and find a way to fight this bigoted son of a bitch in his own backyard. For this, we should be grateful because the only Democrat who will beat him is the one who is ready to fight him on every level:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, dogged by questions about her family ancestry, has been forced (by President Donald Trump) to take a DNA test, a test that reveals she very likely has Native American ancestry, six to 10 generations back.

Case closed! Well, not really. 

Remember when President Barack Obama, dogged by questions about whether he was an American citizen, was forced (by citizen Donald Trump) to release his long-form birth certificate? And how after that Trump still clung to the birther lie, for years? 

Expect the same with Warren.

He has already said, "who cares," when told about Warren's DNA results. Which suggest that Trump's race-baiting "Pocahontas" riff was never about an actual DNA test. Like the birther lie, the point of the Pocahontas riff, is likely white identity politics, a strategy that Trump has used to great effect -- the goal is to get voters to think about their race and their status.

When conservatives defend Trump against claims that his Pocahontas riff is racist, they say, the real point of the nickname is to highlight that Warren claimed minority status to get jobs at elite institutions. In other words, she used affirmative action to get a job she didn't deserve. And affirmative action, of course, has long been a hobby horse of conservatives.

If we’re going to beat Trump, we have to locate where he has set up shop in the gutter and fight tooth and nail. Nothing should be off limits at this point because he has literally apologized for being mean to Nazis who support him, and he has, literally, gotten into bed with corrupt and psychopathic world leaders who will stop at nothing to hold on to power.

This is not the time for high-minded appeals to lofty rhetoric. He called her a name, and she stood up to the bully and fought back. I’m going to get behind her because I’m tired of this shit, too.

Another Half-Assed Hurricane Response


Did Trump schedule a rally near you? If not, then no one is coming to help:

It was two days after Hurricane Michael, and Eddie Foster was pushing his mother in a wheelchair down a thoroughly smashed street, his face creased with a concentrated dose of the frustration and fear that has afflicted much of the Florida Panhandle since the brutal storm turned its coast to rubble.

He was in a working-class neighborhood called Millville, where many residents said they were becoming desperate for even basic necessities. Mr. Foster, 60, and his 99-year-old mother had no car, no electricity. The food had spoiled in his refrigerator. The storm had ripped off large sections of his roof. He had no working plumbing to flush with. No water to drink. And as of Friday afternoon, he had seen no sign of government help.

“What can I do?” he said. “I’m not angry. I just want some help.”

This was the problem that government officials were racing to solve on Friday, as desperation grew in and around Panama City under a burning sun. Long lines formed for gas and food, and across the battered coastline, those who were poor, trapped and isolated sent out pleas for help.

Trump’s FEMA chief has so many ethical problems, it’s a wonder he still has a job (come to think of it, there are at least a dozen cabinet officials who are in just as bad of shape). People living in the hurricane-ravaged areas should remember one thing—when the GOP is in charge of things, corruption and greed come before everything else.

Complicating everything is the fact that there’s a governor’s race in Florida, and the current governor is running for a Senate seat. Add to that the situational clusterfuck that is the Trump Regime, and you have everyone running around, looking for a way to blame this catastrophe on Democrats.

Scott Wagner is an Unhinged Maniac and a Republican

Governor Crazy Pants.jpg

If any Democrat anywhere said what Pennsylvania Republican Scott Wagner said on this video, the pearls would be clutched and every fainting couch would be adorned with a shocked and mortified pundit.

You know what? Fuck your feelings, Scott Wagner.

Civility police will be out in force, trying to make the anger of women, minorities, decent Americans, and everyone who isn’t Scott Wagner something to be shamed and held in check. Your anger is real, and it will motivate you to throw Republicans out of office wherever you are in this great nation. Calls for civility are just a plea from GOP operatives for Democrats to stop using effective rhetoric to win every argument and motivate everyone who is wavering.

What campaign operative allowed his or her candidate to go stand in what looks like a construction site where serial killers dump bodies and make a howlingly stupid video replete with empty threats, cheap props, and old drainpipes? The optics on this are so bad, I can’t even imagine the need to make a satire of it. How do you top “golf spikes” stomping on someone’s face? How do you make it funnier? With a tighter vest and wilder hair? Spittle flying in the breeze? A yipping terrier taking a shit on a picture of Saul Alinsky holding baby Hillary next to Fidel Castro?

Remember, there was another human being filming this who didn’t stop, wave their arms in the air, and tell this jackass to stop losing his mud.

America needs to cut Trumpism from the body politic. This guy shouldn’t just be defeated. He should be held up as an example of what happens when a whole country loses its Goddamned mind.