Make the Tent Bigger, You Morons

Senator Marco Rubio was handed a softball question and the liberal media destroyed him with it. There isn't a primary voter out there who is paying any attention right now. But Rubio doesn't care. He's running for the chance to lose a general election battle over social issues.

No, no, no. Stop talking about social issues. It is the economy that matters, my friends.

Every time someone asks a Republican about social issues, they should skew to the left of whoever is liberal (don't know, don't care) and they should bring it around back to the economy.

When the question is about special protections in the workplace, hammer home the fact that this economy is NOT CREATING DECENT JOBS and vow to make it so that no one is worried about equality or protections because there are going to be enough jobs for everyone in a Rubio Administration.

This is simply not rocket science or beanbag.

-Norman Rogers