Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Sanders Revolution Was Always a Fraud

How many broken-hearted believers will Bernie Sanders create today?

Hard to say. But those of us who understood that his revolution was bullshit from day one know that anything that includes Jeff Weaver and the raising of millions of dollars from unsuspecting liberal donors is a grift and a scam. It's a fraud that continues to hurt the Democratic Party.

My problem is not that Bernie and his wife Jane want to live in three or four homes and have a comfortable life. My problem is that, during a presidential election cycle, they are siphoning millions out of the pockets of Democratic Party politicians who need funds in order to reclaim control over the House and Senate. They are lining their pockets with badly needed cash. They are playing on the real fears of people with crushing student loan debt who want Sanders to do something to relieve their burdens and give their kids a free college education. Those people are being scammed, and I can't stand to see that happen.