Way to Go, Dumbasses

There's a company in Toronto you don't want to work for.

It's something called askfortask.com and it recently experimented with using a nap room to help their overworked employees cope with being exhausted at work. When they discovered that their exhausted employees were actually, um, exhausted, they call the idea a failure.

News flash--tired people are tired because they're either overworked or don't have any life skills. Which one would you choose if you knew that this company was working people 70 hours a week? And why are we still having a debate over the wisdom of treating people like human beings and respecting their work-life balance? If you treat the people who work for you like cattle, they're going to sabotage your company and leave. Fast.

Run, don't walk away from these Canadians.

Miranda Kerr

Surprisingly, not an American. But Miranda Kerr rules the entire world, just like America always has.

Paulina Gretzky is On the Cover of Golf Digest

I have this irrational fear that Paulina Gretzky is Canadian, but how can that be? I am quite certain she is an American citizen with, perhaps--perhaps--some form of a Canadian passport that never gets used and expired ten years ago.